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Since Ty was very young he had two passions: Aircraft and media...

From sitting in a room plastered with posters of military aircraft to making home movies with his Super 8 film camera; Ty has always dreamed of combining his two loves. Ty enlisted in the Navy in 2001, serving in a helicopter squadron aboard the USS Independence in Yokosuka Japan. There, he also fell in love with animation.

After majoring in visual effects in college, Ty got involved in the dot-com boom in the early 2000s. His innate knowledge of programming and computer technology took hold, and Ty envisioned a media world converging on the internet with amazing computer graphics supporting free-floating robotic aerial cameras. Ty began crafting radio-controlled helicopters with cameras mounted on them.

Ty continued his media career, and has managed to fuse his love for all media and aircraft into many successful ventures. Ty currently writes books on his many areas of expertise and acts as a consultant to others venturing into the media and drone worlds. He also still performs shoots with drones, provides post-production services, and educates others.

Personal Info

  •   707.331.3944
  •   Katy, TX

Aerial Cinematography

Ty is an industry-recognized professional aerial cinematographer and drone pilot. He has spoken at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Interdrone, Drone World Expo and AMA Expo on the subject. He's also shot for Discovery Networks, Sci, History, and for Feature and Industrial Films. Ty is also on the advisory board for the Society of Aerial Cinematography.

Visual Effects

Ty is also an award-winning 3D animator and visual effects artist. He's been a VFX supervisor on feature film, a motion-graphics artist for network television, and an animator for science-visualization. Ty is also on the advisory board for GenArts Sapphire.


Ty has been a freelance contributor for Videomaker Magazine for over 15 years, and has three published books. Ty has also written screenplays as well as several scripts for short format.

Consulting and Studio Design

Ty has used his experience in the industry to consult on the build-out for several studios. He's designed everything from multi-user shared storage solutions for simultaneous work in post production on projects to small single-user edit and motion graphics bays for ad agencies.

Interactive Development

Ty has been programming for over 30 years. While other children were raking leaves for cash, Ty was developing games for neighborhood kids, and networking them all together. His first job out of college was with frog design as a web developer. He's programmed interactive museum exhibits for California Academy of Sciences. Ty has also developed several mobile games and has a book published on the subject.

Solutions & Streamlining

Ty has served as a consultant on several occasions. He's been brought in to streamline post-production processes, update equipment, and improve the efficiency of the entire production process.



Examples of Ty's Published Works

Lightning Fast Animation in Element 3D

[PACKT] Publishing

A guide to learning the plugin for Adobe After Effects "Element 3D" (by Video Copilot).


[PACKT] Publishing

Guidance on how to build a multicopter drone for aerial cinematography


[PACKT] Publishing

A how-to book that walks the reader through the process of building mobile games using the Buildbox development platform. From designing the game, to graphics, to audio, to distribution channels.



Some of the various articles Ty has written for Videomaker over the years


Some quotes from Ty's clients and employers over the years
...Ty possesses a remarkable breadth of skills, and he offers a wealth of experience utilizing his broad toolkit in a wide range of programs...


Director, Science Visualization - California Academy of Sciences
...I would recommend Ty Audronis for any position in which he applied...


Vice President of Development @ frog Design
...He has applied his vast technical knowledge towards many situations at Indigo- solving problematic workflows, troubleshooting computers, and coding new solutions for improving efficiency...

Greg Boudreaux

Post Production Supervisor @ Indigo Films


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